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Privacy Policy

We do not use cookies or collect any information about you or your activity on this web page.

When you purchase, tokens, our payment provider (SendOwl) and payment system (such as Stripe or PayPal) will have your information. From this, we will know your name, email, and other generic information like the number of tokens you purchased. 

We do not see your credit card information. We do not record what tokens you purchased. 
When you spend your tokens, we will know that tokens were spent but not who spent them. 
In order to maintain privacy we use several techniques:

1. We have a patented quantum-safe key exchange system that keeps your transmissions quantum-safe
2. We have a patented virtual currency system (USTPO #10,569,375) that keeps all your transactions 100% private.
3. We employ volunteer server administrators who have proven to us that they are "pro-privacy" and they are paid with the tokens you send them. No servers are located in any "Tech Tyrant" data centers and are instead located in people's homes and garages. 

Terms of Service

RAIDA Tech provides you a way to contact AI servers anonymously and optionally uncensored.
We do not provide servers or software related to AI and cannot be held responsible for any defects or flaws in the AI itself. 

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