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Use GTP Anonymous Today!

Linux Desktop


Cell Phone (iPhone or Android)

Windows Desktop

Mac Desktop

Directions for mobile devices:

If you want to user GPT Anonymous on your cell phone, you will first need to use Discord.  Discord is a chat program that we leverage to make it easier for cell phone users. To get it working do the following: 

  1. Install the Discord App: iPhone Android

  2. Create a free "server" on Discord (if you don't already have one). Create Server

  3. Add our CloudCoin Bot to your Discord server. Add CloudCoin Bot

  4. DM the CloudCoin Bot and type type "/ai" and then your prompt.

  5. You will get  10 prompts for free. Then you will need to buy chat tokens 

  6. After purchasing your tokens you will get a code that you will enter into discord by typing "/deposit" and then pasting your code. 

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