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Be Safe,
Be Anonymous

Use some of the most powerful GPT A.I. chatbots without an account.

Keep your identity a secret. 

- Don't let tech tyrants know your secrets.

- Stay safe and anonymous. 

- Don't let AI discriminate against you. 

Stay in the driver's seat,
use A.I. to your advantage.

Picking the right GPTChat is important, especially in this current climate of data theft.

Unfortunately, we've seen this happen one too many times so we created GPT Anonymous. 

You can now access vital information from our bots with privacy at the forefront so you can focus on what really matters to you. 


Anonymous Chats

No logins.

No user accounts.

High-speed responses.

Anonymous payment system.

Pay As You Go

No subscriptions.

No credit card use. 

Use anonymous payment tokens. 

We refund unused tokens. 

Use any type of currency including CloudCoin!

Excellent Responses

Best A.I. bots.

Great Answers.

Choice of AI.

Full Customer Experience Service

Call us anytime.


Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 3.29.12 PM.png

How It Works

Download the desktop app for free. You can then purchase payment tokens from our store (there's no log in needed which saves you from risking sharing your information).


Once you've added the tokens to the app, you can choose from a variety of chatbots.


Here's where it gets good - you'll proceed to ask our bots a question or prompt as we like to call it. That prompt will be sent to a random proxy server that hands off to our chatbots. This allows for none of your information to be accessed. 


If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund any tokens that you don't end up using!


Why do you use GPT Anonymous?

"Keeping my personal information out of the hands of tech tyrant companies is critical to me."

- Karen M.

North Carolina

“My personal information is secure. A.I. does not know my credit card numbers, address information, my banking, or my health information.”

- John B.


“I should be able to use Chat GPT any time and do it anonymously. A.I. should be used by me. I should not be used by A.I.”

- David S.


  • Can I try it out without paying?
    Yes, you can download the desktop app and use it for a while.
  • What kind of questions can I ask?
    You can settle arguments between you and your spouse or anything else you like. But remember, the A.I. is often wrong so don't take its word as gospel.
  • What is the GPT model that is used?
    The best. You won't know who the AI is and it will not know who you are. Although highly unlikely, if you are unsatisfied we will buy back your tokens.
  • Why should I pay for something that I may be able to get for free somewhere else?
    Often times getting something for free has its consequences. You never truly know what of yours can be accessible to others once you sign up for "free" offerings. Things like your banking information, your valuable passwords, even your social security number can simply be guessed just off data you're unknowingly giving away. As A.I. begins to play a huge part in our world today, we want to offer a way of accessing the information you need without sacrificing your security.
  • Do I have to have a credit card on file?
    You do not need a credit card on file! All you'd need is to purchase prompts (purchased on this site) which act as a cash payment system. You can feel secure knowing your credit card data is not available to any AI chat bots.
  • How much does it cost?
    1000 Prompts for $80
  • Why does the program use prompt credits?
    This technology is our patented digital currency technology and is the only true digital cash that does not need accounts or logins. There are no transaction records like Blockchain based currencies. It is a 100% private payment system.
  • Is there anyway that AI will know it is me who is making the requests?
    No, anyone in the world can download our software and anyone can put Tokens or CloudCoins into our software to pay for prompts. There is no way for the AI to know it is you.
  • Can the AI bots see my IP address?
    No, your prompts are routed through anonymizers.
  • Can my prompts be captured and stored and then be decrypted later by quantum computers?
    No. Our technology is quantum safe and uses a patented key exchange system.
  • If I don't like it, can I turn my utility tokens for dollars?
    Yes, we promise to return your cash if for any reason you are not happy.
  • How do I setup the app to submit my first prompt?
    You will need to go to the download page: Pick the version that works on your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux or Mobile). Unzip (extract) the file you download. Double click on the executable file and allow it to be installed.

We're in beta testing.
We'd love your feedback!

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